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Spa At The Grand: A Mindful Autumn

If you are looking for a luxury Spa in York, the secluded and tranquil environment of the Spa at The Grand is the perfect city centre getaway and an ideal way to escape the rush and stress of everyday life. 

Join us Wednesday 4th October for a series of complimentary 'Mindful' workshops or treat yourself to our treatment of the month. Scroll down to find out more...



Learn how to connect your mind and body to achieve inner calm with our ESPA expert techniques and home care advice. Discover and take home with you the simple things you can do throughout the day to be mindful.

Join us on Wednesday 4th October for a complimentary series of Mindful Workshops and end with light refreshments from The Rise Restaurant, Terrace & Bar.

*Please Note: Places are limited, secure your spot by booking now. Each workshop will take around 45 minutes and will be held at the following times: 

Workshop Times: 11.00 am, 12.30 pm, 2.30 pm, 4.00 pm and 6.30 pm

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The basic aim of mindfulness is to develop an awareness and non-judgmental acceptance of the present moment; to live in the now rather that worry obsessively about the past or future. The mindful meditation practice not only helps reduce depression and anxiety but also re-balances the mind and body. 

Beginning with a mindful stance intensifies a typical spa experience, which is why we are now offering wellness specific treatments including, Inner Calm Massages and Mindful Massages to escape the stressful pace of everyday life and renew your mind and body's positivity. 

At the Spa at the Grand we are now offering wellness specific treatment Inner Calm Massage and Mindful Massage to unwind a busy mind and escape the pace of everyday life to renew your positivity.


- October Special Edition: Back, Face & Scalp Treatment - 

In 25 years of crafting spa treatment sand products, the aim is to fuse holistic treatments with luxury beauty helping to look and feel your very best. As a special edition, our signature Back, Face & Scalp treatment has been refreshed to benefit skin, body and mind. Using massage and realignment for the body, inhalation and breathing for the mind and cleansing targeted treatment for the skin, leaving feeling thoroughly pampered, with naturally beautiful skin and renewed sense of inner calm.

This Special Edition Treatment can be combined with a special offer of our skin collection to allow you to continue the good work at home. 

Book this treatment during October and November and receive a free gift: The Love Espa Gift contains Optimal Skin Pro Moisturiser 15 mls, Energising Shower Gel 30 l, Pink Hair and Scalp Mud 30 ml, Tri-Active Advanced Night Booster 2 ml,  Shampoo & Nourishing Conditioner 10 Ml, Purifying Shampoo 10 ml, Overnight Hydration Therapy 7ml. 

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Autumn will see the introduction of the Tri-Active Advanced Night Booster. 

Our Tri-Active Advanced Night Booster is an intensive beauty supplement that transforms your daytime skincare into age-defying formulas that boost skin recovery.  Skin cell regeneration almost doubles at night between 11pm and 4am, so it is an ideal time to boost the effectiveness of your skincare as you sleep for well-rested, younger looking skin. It is suitable for all skin types especially dry and dehydrated. 

Key Benefits
- Boosts existing product, aiding skin recovery and rejuvenation
- Helps boost night time cell renewal and skin repair.  
- Helps protect against the damage hat stress pollution and free radicals have o the skin
- Delivers intense re-hydration to normal/dry skin types

Available for purchase at Spa At The Grand for RRP £42.00.


Love makes you look younger

The endorphins released by being in love increase blood flow to the skin, keeping it soft and reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Also because stress levels are lower, there is less cortisol in the body - high levels cause stress-related acne, pimples and breakouts.   So bring out your romantic side as the nights draw and you will not only feel happier but look younger!

You can exercise away tension

When your body feels stressed it floods your brain with adrenaline and cortisol the fight or flight hormones.  Exercise uses these hormones positively and eases muscle tension. 

Singing  can help brain fog

Brain fog disengages the prefrontal cortex, making it harder to think rationally.  Meditation doesn’t come easily to everyone so another technique is to distract your brain.  You can train your attention like a muscle.  Try focusing on the lyrics of your favourite song to take your mind off things.

Breathing techniques can calm your nerves

When you feel nervous, you may feel a tightening in your chest.This is adrenaline raises your blood pressure.To reset your adrenaline levels focus on your breathing for a minute or so every two hours. This technique is often used by Team GB athletes before an event to help them relax and go for gold! 

~ Spa at The Grand, the most relaxing spa breaks in Yorkshire ~

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